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Professionalism At Elite Court Reporting, not only do we provide the most highly qualified court reporters, we also provide many other services to save you time, money, and to make your depositions and court proceedings go much smoother.

Court Reporters for Depositions, Arbitrations and Court Proceedings

Our reporters are among the best in the business. Accurate, professional, and experienced, they will go beyond your expectations to provide exceptional service. Click on “Our Reporters” to learn more.

Last-Minute Coverage

Forgot to schedule a court reporter? Don’t panic! At Elite we understand there will be emergencies. We take care of any last-minute scheduling needs by providing you with a professional reporter as soon as the need arises. Whether a week, a day, or an hour’s notice, you can rest assured we will get you a qualified reporter right away.

Bates Numbering

Provide protection, identification, and organization for your legal documents with Bates numbering, an identification system used by the top legal professionals in the country.

Condensed Transcripts

Carrying around heavy transcripts is a thing of the past! When you order a transcript from Elite, you will be provided with a condensed transcript with a word index as well an ASCII text file, an E-Transcript file, and the exhibits scanned on CD.


Professionalism Included with every transcript order is an E-Transcript file on CD. E-Transcript files offer many features that ASCII text files do not. One of the most apparent features you will notice when opening the E-Transcript file is that there is a word index to the right of the transcript. By clicking on these words, it will take you to that spot in the transcript. There is also a Search feature, which is extremely helpful, and the ability to choose different printing and formatting options.

Expedited Delivery

Spend less time waiting and more time planning with our expedited delivery system. Get what you need when you need it and how you want it.

Interactive Realtime

Elite Court Reporting has experienced Interactive Realtime reporters available and ready to assist you. By utilizing Interactive Realtime, testimony and questions are immediately available for reference, and it allows for the opportunity to mark portions of the transcript you feel are relevant to your case. This immediate access will save you time and will save your clients money.


Whether you speak English or another language, at Elite we provide interpreters to help solve potential language barrier issues you might have with your case.

Keyword Indexing

Quickly find exactly what you’re looking for with Keyword Indexing. Locate the keywords of the subjects you’re looking for and find all related information without delay. Included with your transcript order are TWO keyword indexes, one for the condensed copy and one for the bound hard copy.

Nationwide Scheduling

With one phone call, we can set up your next deposition anywhere in the United States. Whether that deposition includes a reporter, a videographer, an interpreter, a conference room, or all of the above, you can rest assured that you can expect the same high standards you have come to know at Elite Court Reporting. We have reporters available throughout the continental United States. From California to Florida, from the Midwest to the East Coast, we can satisfy ALL of your court reporting needs.

Online Deposition Scheduling

No time for a phone call? No problem! You can schedule a reporter right from the comfort of your own computer or cell phone with Online Deposition Scheduling. Just fill in the important information, send it, and have one less thing to worry about. You can also email us the Notice of Taking Deposition, and we will send you confirmation to confirm our receipt.

Online Repository

A simple, easy-to-use web-interface repository is complimentary for all of our clients. Accessing your transcripts and exhibits from anywhere in the world has never been easier. Please contact Elite for a username and password.

Scanning and Linking of Exhibits

Need to view particular exhibits while reviewing a transcript? No problem! We do the hard work for you. Scanning the exhibits and linking them within the transcript is a huge timesaver. Just click on the exhibit link within the transcript, and the exhibit will appear on the screen. Elite makes accessing your exhibits simple and easy.

Systematic Transcript Audit

Each transcript is carefully reviewed multiple times to check for errors and make sure all pertinent information is included. With Elite you can be sure of receiving a superior transcription every time.


Professionalism An inexpensive, effective option that you can use to attend a deposition wherever it may be. Get the job done effectively and in a way that saves time and money for all involved.

Transcripts and Exhibits on CD

Let Elite help with your workload! With each transcript order, you will receive the transcript in ASCII format, E-Transcript format, and have all of the exhibits scanned on CD. This saves you time by collecting and organizing data for storage and sharing.

Internet Depositions

Need an expert in another state or an attorney in another country to attend a deposition? An Internet deposition is your answer. Attorneys, experts, or paralegals, no matter where they are located, are now able to attend a deposition by logging in to a secure server via the Internet. Videotape and/or realtime transcription is available. This new technology saves an incredible amount of money for the parties involved. Please give Elite a call for more information.

Videographers – Certified Legal Video Specialists

Using a Certified Legal Video Specialist for your next deposition could result in greater understanding and less confusion at trial. Stand apart from your adversary: Cover all your bases with one of Elite's certified videographers. For real impact at trial, have your videotaped depositions synchronized with the transcript!

Videosynchronization – Digital Video with Transcript Synchronization

Attorney's love this feature! Our videosynchronization technology allows you to synchronize the videotape with the reporter’s transcript. The synchronized CD includes software that allows the user to review the video, create clips, and export them to presentation programs.
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