Toughest challenges

Solving the Toughest Challenges: When Superior Service Matters Most

The practice of law has evolved so much since we created Elite Court Reporting in 2003. Email was just becoming a reality. Websites were unheard of. There were no electronic filings or any online services for that matter. But what did matter then and continues to be of utmost importance these days is providing the full spectrum of court reporting services along with exceptional service. Having professionals on staff with ten or more years of experience makes a big difference in the consistency and the delivery of all court reporting services.

Attorneys need to know that the court reporting service they choose can handle last-minute changes and that they can readily accommodate unusual proclivities and obstacles. The following are two examples of when our experience and seasoned professionals made the difference for our clients.

Imagine being in trial and finding out you need the deposition testimony of two witnesses before trial the next day. Not only do you need the testimony, but you need the hard copy of the transcripts delivered the next morning before trial. This is exactly what happened with one our clients. They called us at 3:30 p.m. one afternoon to let us know that they needed a reporter by 4 o’clock that same day to take two back-to-back depositions, but that’s not all. They needed the transcripts delivered via email that same evening and needed the hard copies delivered to the courthouse before trial the next morning. We were able to provide a reporter to take down the testimony, prepare the transcripts, and send them via email that same evening. The next morning our office manager came in early to prepare the hard copy of the transcripts and delivered them to our client at the courthouse so they would be better prepared to win their case.

We were fortunate to be the reporting firm for one of the top law firms in the country on a very large matter. As is oftentimes the case, the parties could not agree on many of the discovery issues. At 10 o’clock in the morning, we got a call from them telling us they needed a court reporter at 2 o’clock that same day to appear telephonically to take down a meet-and-confer on the record. When the reporter called in at 2 o’clock, she was told that she needed to wait on hold and they would get back to her. After 45 minutes of waiting on hold, they let her know that they did not need her to transcribe anything at that time. They added that they would call her back later if they needed her to take something down on the record. At 5:15 they called her back and asked her to take down the meet-and-confer on the record. This is the typical type of individual we have on our team – willing to go above and beyond for our clients. This reporter remained on-call essentially for the day so that she was available when she was needed.

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