Our Goal: Build a Better Mousetrap

In 2003, we had a vision: build a better mousetrap. We wanted to create a best in class court reporting service that consistently delivered the highest quality to attorneys and law firms needing litigation support services. Our plan was to provide better, faster, more customized services to meet the high demand and high stress nature of litigation for lawyers. Our vision was based on how we could help make the process easier, smoother and consistently dependable.

For example, at the drop of a hat, an attorney might find she needed to schedule a deposition in a different city, needing a conference room and interpreter, as well as a videographer to capture the depo the next morning. This actually happened. And this is how our story behind our brand line, “When superior service matters most”, came to be.

We are honored to be acknowledged and appreciated by great and loyal clients like Mike Piazza, partner with McDermott, Will & Emory LLP, with comments like this:

“I highly recommend Elite Court Reporting to anyone in need of excellent court reporting services. A loyal client for four years, I use Elite for both their local court reporting services and as my national court reporting coordinator. Recently we had depositions in CA, NY, DC, and Ohio all in the course of a week. Elite coordinated the entire team of reporters, videographers, and locations for the depositions to proceed. Their service is ALWAYS flawless and seamless. Much of the credit goes to its President, Karen Sussman, who deals with the incredibly unrealistic demands we lawyers place on her and her team without breaking a sweat. Elite is the only firm I use – and it should be your “go to” court reporting service as well.”

We are so pleased to have reached this milestone and thank all of our clients and supporters over the past 15 years. We look forward to the next 15 and beyond.

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