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Internet Depositions FAQ: Things to Know

Internet depositions are becoming increasingly popular across the country as legal teams have found them to be extremely convenient and a major asset. But what exactly is an Internet deposition and how do they make legal secretaries’ and attorneys’ lives easier? Elite Court Reporting is happy to answer a few frequently asked questions relating to Internet depositions.  

What is an Internet deposition?

To keep it simple, an Internet deposition allows associates and other members involved in the case to log in to a secure online server to watch what’s happening in a deposition without actually being there. Thanks to Internet-streaming and messaging services, you can be miles away from the deposition but still see and communicate with those physically in the deposition room.

What are some of the benefits of an Internet deposition?

There are several benefits to an Internet deposition, the first being that it saves money. It can get very expensive traveling to the deposition location, especially if it’s far away. Transportation, hotels, food, etc., all add up pretty quickly. With the Internet-streaming capabilities that are now available, your associates and your client’s representatives can access the deposition live from virtually anywhere there’s an Internet connection. It’s important for these members to be included in the deposition, and before Internet depositions existed, organizations would have to pay for everyone’s travel. Now, thanks to the Internet, legal teams and their clients are able to do their best work and be financially efficient.

Having the ability to attend a deposition virtually also saves time. When you don’t have to catch a flight, train or even sit on the freeway for a few hours to get to the deposition, you have more time to spend on other important matters.

Perhaps one of the most important benefits to an Internet deposition is that it allows legal teams and their clients to make the most out of their resources. Not only are you saving time and money, but you’re also able to get real-time feedback from those attending virtually. Having associates watch from afar through a secure online server and not be in the physical room allows them to see things from a different perspective and send in some well-thought-out questions to members of their team in the deposition room.

Does Elite Court Reporting organize Internet depositions?

Absolutely! No matter where you’re located, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced team handles all the logistics to make sure real-time video-streaming services are available for your Internet deposition. There is no hassle on your end!

To schedule your next deposition with Internet-streaming, give Elite Court Reporting a call at 888-822-3376 or click here.

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