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It’s been said that the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year. Whether it’s listening to carolers sing your favorite holiday songs, eating tasty sugar cookies at night or decorating your house to get in the holiday spirit, it definitely feels like magic is in the air.

Something that makes this time of year so special is the act of giving back. Generosity tends to be seen all around us during the holiday season, and we at Elite Court Reporting want to spread the cheer! That’s why we’re happy to highlight some of the great philanthropic work our court reporters take part in throughout the year.

Christianne Fong, CSR, CCRR

Christianne enjoying a hike in one of the national parks.

Ever since she was a young Girl Scout, Christianne Fong has had a love for the great outdoors. She believes that everyone should care about the Earth and those who inhabit it, which is why she feels so passionate about giving back to organizations that do just that.

One of the organizations Christianne supports is the National Park Foundation, which works to protect and enhance America’s national parks for present and future generations. As someone who loves visiting national parks, she feels a responsibility to preserve these places with monetary donations, part of which ensures that underprivileged children have the opportunity to experience the great outdoors.

Recently the California wildfires also motivated Christianne to donate blood to the American Red Cross as well. With her parents living in Northern California, several of their friends have lost their homes. Both victims and first responders were in need of blood donations, so Christianne signed up as soon as she could.

Christianne feels it is so important to give back to those around us, no matter what.

“I believe it our duty to be good stewards of the Earth,” said Christianne. “Also, I want to be an active participant in our world, not just a bystander. Giving back to these organizations helps me do that.”

Kim Bonnell, CSR, RPR

Having lived in Orange County for the majority of her life, Kim Bonnell gives back to her local community in many different ways. Whether it’s giving back to her church, getting involved in board meetings at her children’s schools or donating blood platelets to the City of Hope, Kim believes it is our greatest calling to help others in any way we can.

Through her church, Kim provides monetary donations to help support ministries throughout the country and all over the world. These donations help the church reach as many people as possible.

She is also heavily involved in donating her time to public schools, specifically the Orange Unified School District, where her kids go to school. From attending board meetings to learning more about the curriculum being taught at school, Kim does all she can to make sure the next generation is getting the best education.

Along with this, Kim donates her blood platelets every three months to the City of Hope. When one of her friends was diagnosed with leukemia and needed blood platelets, Kim immediately signed up to give and now goes on a routine basis.

“I believe that the way you live your life and the way you give back to others is the biggest testament you can leave behind,” said Kim. “That’s why I feel it’s so important to show up for your community and give whatever you can to it.”

Kim Reichert, CSR

Kim with her daughter, who takes part in Community Outreach Alliance’s programs.

This past year, Kim Reichert has gotten involved in the Community Outreach Alliance. Located in San Clemente, this organization helps provide healthy activities for teens to help them stay away from drugs and alcohol. Whether it’s their singing, writing or running clubs, the Community Outreach Alliance offers fun and stimulating programs to those who have been deeply affected by the drug and addiction epidemic.

Kim supports this organization by giving to their Thrive Alive program on a monthly basis. This program allows the organization to keep its many clubs and activities open to kids for free. While their programs have impacted hundreds of teens, there’s one teen in Kim’s life who is especially grateful for this organization: her daughter.

Kim’s daughter is mildly autistic and has always loved to sing but has trouble socializing. Since joining the Community Outreach Alliance, the organization has boosted her daughter’s confidence and provided an outlet for her to perform for others.

“I’m so grateful for all that the Community Outreach Alliance has done for my daughter and hundreds of other teens,” said Kim. “They provide so much to our community, and I am honored to give back to them in any way I can.”

It’s clear that these three court reporters are giving back to their community in some pretty incredible ways. We are so proud to have them on our team and can’t wait to see what they do next in their community!

While the holiday season might be wrapping up, it doesn’t mean your generosity has to end! There are plenty of ways to make an impact on your community. Click here to learn about the different ways to give back.

Happy Holidays!

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