Two is Better Than One: Court Reporters & Videographers

Over the past few years, there’s been a rise in videographers being hired for legal depositions. When working with a court reporter, videographers become a great asset for any legal team.

Here are a few reasons why it’s extremely beneficial for court reporters and videographers to work together:

1. Video recordings by themselves can be unreliable.
Even the very best, most-advanced forms of technology have glitches from time to time. Whether it’s the audio cutting out or the volume being too low to catch what people are saying, a video recorder can have problems catching what’s been said. When that happens, it pays to have a court reporter in the room at the same time.

Not only are court reporters working diligently to collect all aspects of the testimony in real-time, their work can also be used as proof as to what has been said if the video recording has a glitch.   

2. Court reporters offer rough drafts that videographers alone cannot provide.
A videographer is unable to provide an immediate rough draft of the testimony given in the deposition; however, when a videographer is paired with a court reporter, that’s not a problem. Experienced court reporters are able to supply immediate, usable rough drafts and expedited transcripts for clients in a timely fashion, which is something a videographer alone cannot provide.

3. Court reporters can interject to get clarification or confirmation.
The best way to get a clean, accurate record is to have a court reporter in the room to report the proceedings. If people are talking over one another or someone is mumbling, the reporter is there to ensure the record is clear.  That’s why it’s so important to have both in the room, to make sure that everything gets captured and captured correctly.

These are just a few of the reasons why it’s essential for videographers and court reporters to work in tandem. At the end of the day, the most important thing for anyone involved in a deposition is to have a quality reporting of what took place. Whether you have a court reporter paired with a videographer or just a court reporter in the room, we at Elite Court Reporting promise to provide you with the very best reporting services.

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