Resilience Wins the Race

Attorneys and motocross: You might be wondering what these two things have in common. Back in 2019, I probably would have wondered the same thing; however, the last eight months have shown me that these two things have a lot more similarities than you’d think, and I have my son Brandon to thank for that. 

Brandon has always had a passion for motocross. He started racing when he was four years old, and even with a full-time job as a Financial Advisor at Northwestern Mutual, he continues to race to this day. In fact, he completed his first pro race last year at Hangtown, where he had the opportunity to compete against some of his idols that he looked up to growing up. 

Back then, 2020 seemed like the year that he would continue racing at the pro level and really make a name for himself in the sport. Yet, we all know that 2020 had its own plan. 

At the beginning of COVID-19 and social-distancing regulations, Brandon and the rest of the motocross community had their races pushed back to later dates; however, when those dates approached, they were then rescheduled for a later date…over and over again.

This left the racers constantly on the edge of their seats, never knowing when the next race would be, but always having to be prepared for one right around the corner. For Brandon, that meant working out five to six days a week (oftentimes twice a day), keeping a regimented, healthy diet and staying motivated throughout the process. 

As a parent, I’m proud of his tenacity and commitment. I’ve watched him demonstrate incredible resilience. It really resonates with me because I know he’s not the only one who’s shown perseverance this year. Legal teams across the country have had to demonstrate resiliency as well. 

Just like Brandon, attorneys have experienced delays in their cases. Trials have been rescheduled for later dates, which has thrown off case timelines and stalled progress. In addition, because teams are working from home full time or part-time, law practices have had to adjust to leading their offices virtually. Plus, the majority of court work and proceedings have become remote; so instead of meeting in-person for depositions and holding proceedings in person in front of a judge, legal teams have had to adjust to using virtual technology like Zoom to host their virtual depositions and CourtCall for court proceedings in front of judges. 

It’s safe to say that attorneys and their legal teams have continued to demonstrate how resilient the legal community is. Just like my son’s tenacity with motocross, I feel inspired by the work my clients have done these past eight months. No matter what has been thrown their way, legal teams have continued to pivot and adjust to the ever-changing environment we’re living in. 

Luckily for Brandon, a little bit of normalcy has come back for him this month – he was able to race at the beginning of October and even appeared on television and on the leaderboard! His resilient mindset definitely paid off. Hopefully, for the legal community, we’ll experience more normalcy in the months to come as well. Either way, it’s been incredible to see attorneys problem-solve and come up with new solutions to meet their clients’ needs. 

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