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2021 Legal Forecast: Trends to Expect

As we wrap up the last month of 2020, it’s a natural time to start thinking about what the new year will bring. Because this past year has been so unpredictable, it feels like the perfect time to have a fresh start and look forward to what’s ahead.

So what exactly can we expect to happen in 2021? For those in the legal community, many are wondering what aftermath of 2020 will linger into 2021 and what we can expect once the pandemic is over. That’s why our team at Elite Court Reporting is happy to share our Legal Industry Forecast for 2021. Below are just a few industry elements expected to trend in the new year.

1. Technology, technology, technology.
Because of COVID-19 and social-distancing regulations, legal teams had to pivot and find new ways to provide services to their clients in 2020. This meant a heavy reliance on technology like Zoom and other virtual platforms. In 2021, that reliance isn’t going anywhere. With social-distancing regulations still in full force, virtual depositions and other key legal engagements will continue to take place remotely.

Yet, even past the pandemic, some say that technology will still play a major role in the way legal teams provide their services. It is expected that several virtual tools will continue to be improved, and as that happens, certain legal tasks will be easier to complete virtually.

2. Clients will be the center of attention.
Another trend that will continue into the new year is the focus on client engagement. Law firms are looking to add value and customization for their clients, and with technology as a focus point, attorneys will look to partner with solutions that make the client experience easier, such as payment gateways, online chat boxes and much more.

3. A new type of employee.
The legal workforce is changing, specifically with employees at law firms who aren’t attorneys. One thing that 2020 showed us is that for some jobs, certain tasks and responsibilities don’t have to take place in the office. That’s why in 2021, we’ll see more remote employees, virtual assistants and freelance workers join the legal workforce.

4. Employment litigation is expected to rise.
No matter the industry, coronavirus impacted every business across the country in one way or another. Whether businesses had to shut down or needed their employees to work from home, employment litigation is bound to surge. We can expect cases revolving around what businesses did when closing, how they reopened, issues with employees working from home, etc., to be in surplus in 2021.

5. Virtual depos are here to stay.
Similarly to technology and client services, virtual depositions had a major rise this year and will continue to do so throughout 2021. With many still working remotely, virtual depositions are crucial in order to keep client cases moving forward. It was – and continues to be – a major hurdle for legal teams to adjust to virtual depositions. If your team is still struggling with hosting a virtual deposition, Elite’s Zoom for Virtual Depositions masterclass is perfect for you. Click here to access the free resource.

6. An excellent court reporting provider is essential.
Having the right providers for your law practice will be essential to a legal team’s success next year, and that includes court reporting. Without a quality, experienced court reporter, legal teams are prone to receive inaccurate transcripts or experience delays in delivery.

As we all know, life is unpredictable, so there’s no telling what might happen in 2021; however, here’s one thing we can predict: At Elite Court Reporting, we will continue to provide high quality, accurate court reporting services to our clients. If you’re interested in booking a court reporter for your next deposition or trial, email us at or give us a call at 888-822-3376.

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