One Year into Lockdown: What the Legal Community Learned, Lost & Gained

It’s hard to believe that a full year has passed since COVID-19, social distancing and working remotely initially began. Much has changed, and it’s no secret that it’s been a challenging year for many. With all its ups and downs, this past year in lockdown has taught us all so much, especially for those in the legal community. Here are just some of the things we learned, lost and gained this past year.

1. Working from home isn’t always easy.
Due to health and safety guidelines, many law firms and legal teams have found themselves working from home in some sort of capacity. In doing so, we’ve all learned just how difficult it can be to juggle that work-life balance, especially if you have children going to school virtually or other adults in the house working remotely as well. Yet, one silver lining I’ve found is that we’ve been given the opportunity to spend more time with those living under our roof and to make memories that may have never happened without the lockdown. 

2. Depositions can be performed in more ways than one.
Who would’ve thought a year ago that virtual depositions would be so prevalent in the legal industry? Thanks to video-conferencing software like Zoom, legal teams have been able to continue serving their clients from a distance. It’s been interesting to see how virtual depositions have transformed over the last year, and we’re excited to see how it continues to evolve in 2021.

3. Understanding the technology at your disposal is a lifesaver.
Just because these technologies are available doesn’t mean that mastering Zoom and virtual depositions has been easy (cue the cat lawyer Zoom video). Understanding the ins and outs of Zoom for virtual depositions is tricky, especially if you don’t have experience using the platform. That’s why this year we are offering our clients a few different opportunities:

  • Prior to conducting a virtual deposition, we offer 1:1 meetings to help our clients become familiar with the Zoom platform.
  • We’re providing video technician services for those who need it. If you have a deponent who doesn’t have a laptop or a strong WiFi connection, our team at Elite can go in and provide a laptop and hotspot to ensure the deponent is connected properly. We can even have the video technician stay the entire time to troubleshoot any technical difficulties a deponent may face.
  • We also created a virtual deposition masterclass for those who are new to the platform. In the masterclass, we go over how to utilize Zoom for your next virtual deposition from start to finish. Click here to watch now.

Our goal in creating these materials and services was to better serve our clients during such a chaotic and challenging time. We’re happy to hear that these services continue to benefit legal teams across the country.

4. Resilience is key.
No matter what industry you’re in, being resilient and flexible have been the hallmarks of the pandemic. Looking back at the beginning days of quarantine, it feels like the days flew by, with our clients facing new obstacles every week, yet tackling them with poise and strength. I continue to be inspired by the lengths at which our clients go to provide quality services to their clients.

These are just a few of things we at Elite Court Reporting have learned this past year. While COVID-19 has definitely tested everyone in different ways, our team is forever grateful to our clients and the communities we serve. We look forward to whatever is to come next!

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