Here Comes the Bride

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a little more than a year since my daughter, Bri, got engaged! We are so excited for her and her fiancé, Ryan, to tie the knot this November. As the wedding date approaches, it’s been fun helping Bri plan for her big day. With each item we’ve checked off the list, I have found so many parallels between wedding planning and the struggles that so many in the legal community have faced during the pandemic. So, I thought I’d share my experience – it might surprise you how much the two have in common! 

1. Organization matters. 
Throughout the entire planning process, Bri has been so organized and on top of each element of the wedding. Early on, she selected a beautiful venue in Escondido, California, picked her florist, videographer, DJ and so much more. All that’s left is to select the song for their first dance as Mr. and Mrs. and sample the wedding cake options. They’re both excited for that!

Being prepared and organized is obviously important when it comes to planning a wedding – you don’t want anything to be forgotten or chaotic the day – or even the week – of. The same can be said about legal proceedings during the pandemic. While it’s important to always be looking ahead and preparing for whatever might come up (pandemic or not), with COVID-19 and the added virtual nature of court proceedings, staying organized is more essential than ever before. Whether it’s an unreliable internet connection or difficulty joining a Zoom call, staying organized and prepared for whatever is thrown your way have been major themes during the pandemic. 

2. Resilience is key. 
Whether you’re planning a wedding or preparing for a virtual deposition, resilience and patience matter. For Bri, this rang true when it came time to find her wedding dress and makeup artist. We went to three different stores before we found the perfect dress. In fact, we ended up going back to the first store and working with a different salesperson who nailed Bri’s vision on the first try!

As for finding her makeup artist, Bri had test trials with three separate artists, and the third one ended up being the winner! Finding her wedding dress and makeup artist were both lessons in resilience – something that everyone in the legal team has had to face tenfold this past year; to keep going even if you’re unsure about what lies ahead. Because when you do, you’ll find that the perfect solution is waiting behind the difficulties and trials – whether it’s a court trial or a makeup trial! 

3. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.
This past year has been challenging for everyone – both personally and professionally. For our family, it’s been such a joy to have a wedding to plan because it’s given us something to look forward to. As California mandates and restrictions continue to be lifted, it’s starting to feel like there is a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. So many clients are feeling the same way – whether it’s a wedding, planning a trip or reuniting with friends and family, having something to look forward to has made all the difference. 

We are so happy for Bri and Ryan and can’t wait for their big day. It’s been so exciting to look ahead and plan for a day that will be such a celebration of new beginnings! 

It’s my hope that everyone in the legal community has the opportunity to feel excited and hopeful for new opportunities as we enter the second half of 2021. For Elite Court Reporting, we look forward to providing quality court reporting services to our clients across the country. To learn more about our services, click here

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