Utilizing Zoom for Your Next Virtual Deposition

Discover How to Facilitate Your Virtual Deposition with Ease


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In This Masterclass You Will Learn How To:

  • Prepare Your Exhibits for Virtual Depositions - We'll show you how to submit exhibits prior to your deposition and how to share them with others as the deposition takes place.
  • Perfect Your Audio and Video Settings - Learn about the optimal audio/video settings for virtual depositions. That way, you can hear and see everyone as if you were meeting in person.
  • Share the Latest Tips and Tricks for Zoom - Afraid you’ll be unable to navigate Zoom's technology AND focus on your deposition? In this masterclass, we'll walk you through the important features that Zoom offers to help your virtual deposition run smoothly.

About the Speaker

Karen Sussman, CSR
President of Elite Court Reporting

Karen Sussman is the founder and president of Elite Court Reporting, the nation’s premier provider of court reporting and litigation services.

Under her leadership, Elite has earned a reputation for reliability, quick turnarounds, and reporting accuracy. Additionally, she’s well-versed in the latest technology trends to hit the legal industry, including virtual depositions.


Masterclass Details

  • Why should I attend?
    This masterclass is essential for attorneys and law firms looking to understand how to successfully run virtual depositions using Zoom. The less you have to worry about technology and scheduling, the more likely it is that your virtual deposition will run smoothly.

  • What is this webinar all about?
    We’ll walk you through the best Zoom settings for a virtual deposition, how to securely upload exhibits and earmark them for use, and everything else you need to know before proceedings begin online.
  • How do I watch the masterclass?
    Easy! Click the "Watch Now" button on the right to register for the masterclass. Upon registration, you’ll receive a link that will grant you access to watch the masterclass.
  • What time does the masterclass start?
    You decide! Once you sign up, you will have access to start the masterclass whenever you'd like.
  • What does it cost?
    This masterclass is completely FREE! No deposits or credit card information required.