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We are available 24/7 nationwide. Elite Court Reporting offers a full panoply of seamless services, freeing you to focus on what you do best.

Trails and Hearings


We provide highly experienced reporters with the skill and professionalism to manage the activity in the deposition conference room and the courthouse. Elite is there for you every step of the way, and who better to report your hearings and trial than the team who reported your depositions?

Trails and Hearings


Make an impression at trial and stand apart from your adversary with Elite’s Certified Legal Video Specialists. Using a certified videographer for your next deposition enhances the record for your use in court.


We’ll handle the logistics. Parties can access a secure server to attend a deposition, no matter where the parties are located. Real-time streaming and video services are also available for internet depositions.


We’re the bridge to overcome any language barriers. With our extensive network, we’ll provide you with a top-quality interpreter to ensure your needs are met.


Elite offers a comprehensive range of transcription services because we understand the value of keeping a record. We guarantee that all transcriptions are completed by our skilled certified reporters.


Access your transcripts and exhibits from anywhere in the world at any hour of the day. Elite provides an easy-to-use, web-based repository at no additional cost.


We provide transcripts in the following file formats: PDF, ASCII, PTX, LEF, and XMEF. Every certified copy contains a Keyword Index to ascertain information without delay, whether you’re looking in the full, condensed, or digital format.


We provide experienced interactive real-time reporters, making testimony and questions immediately available for viewing. This valuable service allows you to maximize effectiveness, efficiency, and clarification within seconds of the spoken word.


Wherever your case takes you and whatever the group size or circumstance, simplify your conference room planning by letting Elite take care of the details.


Our team is ready to perform and deliver expedited transcripts when needed so you can spend more time planning and less time waiting.

Karen scheduling a deposition

An Elite Service Story

A client called at the end of a trial day at 3:30 p.m. informing us that he needed to take two depositions at 4:00 that same day. He needed the transcripts at 9:00 a.m. the following morning. Our court reporter reported both of these depositions, and the transcripts were emailed that evening. The hard copies were hand-delivered to the courthouse in time for trial the next day.

Joseph Chora

“Elite Court Reporting helped me out of a jam. I needed Chinese corporate documents translated in short order. With time running out, I emailed Karen Sussman on a Saturday morning requesting help. She responded that evening with a qualified and available expert.”
– Joseph Chora, Esq., Chora & Young, LLP